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Squeezebox Featuring Ted Lange and Mollie B

SQUEEZEBOX featuring Ted Lange & Mollie B have become one of the most popular and well known bands specializing in live dance music and entertaining stage shows.  Currently based in NW Ohio, their performances include multiple genres of music including polkas, waltzes, fox-trots, 2-steps, big band, swing, square dances, and figure dances.  With a repertoire of over 600 songs, and solid vocals in English, Polish, German and Czech, Squeezebox is able to play “something for everyone”, and easily adapts to any venue, ranging from town festivals, polka festivals, ethnic festivals including Polish, Czech, and German festivals and Oktoberfests, to weddings, anniversary parties, church festivals, state and county fairs and music festivals.  They currently perform close to 100 engagements a year in up to 20 states a year, including an annual Caribbean Cruise taking place in January.

Rebel Grace

Rebel Grace sets the standard for contemporary country music in Wisconsin. Since their formation in 2010, they’ve built an extensive following around the state one electrifying performance at a time. For the members of Rebel Grace–all of whom are seasoned veterans of the Milwaukee music scene–it’s about the music, not cheap gimmickry or special effects. Whether it’s the State Fair, Summerfest, or a Firemen’s Picnic in a no-name town on a rural county highway, Rebel Grace always delivers the goods, bringing you the best by the biggest stars in country music today.

 The Playlist

What’s in a name? Glad you asked! Bananas Entertainment is geeked to present The Playlist (formerly The Rabid Aardvarks). Playing a mixtape of both current and throwback hits, and featuring two female lead vocalists, The Playlist has quickly become one of Wisconsin’s most in-demand cover bands. (You gotta see these guys!) Nominated as Wisconsin Cover Band of The Year, The Playlist performs every song LIVE – that’s right – real players, perfectly nailing it, without sequencing or pre-recorded vocals. Whether a festival, private party, or rockin’ club, this band is entertaining the masses.


Carol & The Keytones

Our three-person band is lead by Carol on accordion along with Dennis on drums and Steve on guitar.

The Music Connection

Known as one of the most versatile bands in Wisconsin, the music performed by these entertainers is a variety of Polka, Waltzes, Big Band, Country and the ‘50’s. Add the four-part harmony, tight music arrangements, their vibrant personalities and great showmanship, and this band becomes even more entertaining.

Eddie Butts Band

The Eddie Butts Band delights audiences at festivals, concerts, nightclubs, and many other private entertainment events all over Wisconsin and the Midwest.  With over three decades as an entertainer behind him, Eddie is well known as a premier vocalist. When you combine his smoky baritone with the sweet tones of the band’s female singers and the fantastic musicianship that emits a delicious blend of jazz, pop and R&B, it’s easy to see why the Eddie Butts Band is considered a Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Midwest favorite.


 Barefoot Becky & Ivanhoe Dutchmen

Mix three cups of German-style polka music with one cup of Czech music, and a half-cup each of country,  big band, and party favorites, and you’ve got a recipe for fun with a band that’s really cookin’! That’s what you get when you see a live performance featuring Barefoot Becky & the Ivanhoe Dutchmen, a group based out of Mt Vernon, Iowa.

The band, featuring Becky Livermore on accordion and vocals, has been performing throughout the United States since 1988. People remember the band best by two things: Becky’s bare feet! She started playing barefoot simply because it was more comfortable than playing with shoes on.



Jeff Winard Band

Top Milwaukee, WI Polka Band – Wisconsin Polka Hall of Fame Inductee

Over the years, Jeff Winard has remained a favorite with crowds throughout the Greater Milwaukee Area, Midwest, and other parts of the United States and Canada where polka music is enjoyed. Jeff and his band known for their polka and waltz music in the popular “Yankovic Style” have remained a favorite at festivals, parties and other events where live music is desired. In June 1968 Jeff fronted his first band playing at his parish church festival, followed by VFW picnics, and other performances. Jeff also began performing with Frank Yankovic “America’s Polka King” in 1970 as an accordionist and drummer, and continued to perform with his own band as well. This association would last until Frank’s retirement in 1998.  During those 28 years, Jeff had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the country performing countless engagements ranging from Las Vegas casinos to New York’s State Fair.  In later years, Jeff would book Frank as a special guest to perform with his band, the last time being in June of 1998 in Milwaukee, just months before Franks passing on Oct. 14th, 1998. Since Yankovic’s passing in 1998, Jeff and Joey Miskulin (Rider’s In the Sky) have teamed up with other Yankovic Alumni to present their tribute to America’s Polka King. Most recently in 2017 in Illinois and Minnesota, and previously in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Ohio much to the delight of the many fans of Franks music. Jeff Winard has twice been inducted into the Wisconsin Polka Music Hall of Fame, for his work with the late Frankie Yankovic, and also for his work with his own band.

One of the finest Polka Band’s in Milwaukee, WI for 49 years !!!

Goodtime Dutchmen

The “Goodtime Dutchmen”, a third generation family polka band from Kewaskum,Wisconsin.  Polkas, waltzes and fox trots are their specialty, expressed through several ethnic backgrounds, including Dutchmen, German, Polish, Slovenian and Bohemia. Their love for polka music brought them to their first appearance, August 20, 1991, live on the air with WTKM  at the Dodge County Fair at the ages of ten through fifteen.  Through the years they have enjoyed playing throughout the Midwest for Polka Fests, Oktoberfests, German Fests, Firemen’s Picnics, Anniversaries and Weddings.

Pommersche Tanzdeel Friestadt

Western Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, is the site of the oldest German settlement in the state. In 1839 Pomeranian immigrants began to settle there, calling their new homestead Freistadt, meaning “free city.” While Pomeranians may have been unhappy about the lack of freedom and economic opportunities in the old country, they happily continued their customs, traditions, songs and dances, as well as the use of their native language, Plattdeutsch(Low German), in their new home well into the middle of the 20th century. Pommersche Tanzdeel Freistadt was organized in 1977 to preserve the folk culture of their forefathers by performing songs and dances from the Pomeranian regions.

River City Blaskapelle

The River City Blaskapelle is a 25 member brass and woodwind band based in West Bend, Wisconsin that performs authentic German music. The group was formed in 1986 by several members of the West Bend Community Band who had a profound interest in performing music of their German heritage.

Box On

Box On is the culmination of time in the life of one family. Rick and Alicia Vinecki have been married for twenty-four years. Back in the days of singleness Rick had his own band as a teenager. The Melody Kings were a group of young guys playing some awesome polka music back in the eighties. Alicia was part of the band known as Polka Family. She played clarinet alongside her brothers, mother and father.  As fate would have it Rick and Alicia met at a polka dance in Detroit and were married just seven months later. They are now the parents of eight amazing children. Each child has shown musical ability and the desire to perform.  Three years ago the family began playing simple music for local assisted living and nursing homes.  Recently they  have extended their performing to music festivals.  They play a variety of standards from swing, rock, country to polkas and Latin music.


Cedar Singers

The Cedar Singers first performed at West Bend Germanfest in 1987 and haven’t missed a year! Over the years there have been many who have been a part of this group, as they have shared their talent and love of music. One familiar face – a favorite trumpet player, Howie Knox – has been a part of this performing group for all 28 years!